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I'm Gary Secure. Expert in the UK property market. I write on all aspects of UK property news and finance.

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I am Gary Secure, I specialise in property finance consulting and in particular funding property projects centered around urban renewal and industrial regeneration.

With a degree in maths and PhD in engineering I focus my skills on analytical breakdowns of complicated problems for my clients.

An expert in machine learning and computational fluid dynamics I help model human usage patterns for clients looking to regenerate town centres and industrial areas.


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Understanding Secured Loans: A Simple Guide

By: Gary Secure
Published: 2:16 PM, Sep 8, 2022
Explore the ins and outs of secured loans with GSecure Finance. Learn why they're important, how they differ from unsecured loans, and what you need to know before getting one.
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Can you borrow more on a secured loan?

By: Gary Secure
Published: 2:10 PM, Sep 8, 2022
You may typically borrow a higher amount with a secured loan than you can with other forms of credit, which is one of its key benefits. The fact that a secured loan often has a significantly longer payback duration and lower monthly payments may also be appealing.
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Is it better to have a secured or unsecured loan?

By: Gary Secure
Published: 2:03 PM, Sep 8, 2022
Personal loans without collateral often have higher interest rates than loans with collateral. That's because unsecured loans are sometimes viewed as risky by lenders. Without collateral, the lender can be concerned that you won't repay the loan on time. A higher rate for you typically translates into a larger risk for your lender.

What is secured and unsecured loan with example?

By: Gary Secure
Published: 1:57 PM, Sep 8, 2022
Secured loans demand that you pledge a valuable asset as collateral in the event that you are unable to repay the loan, whereas unsecured loans let you borrow the money in full (after the lender considers your financials).
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What's the difference between secured and unsecured loans?

By: Gary Secure
Published: 1:51 PM, Sep 8, 2022
Unsecured debt having no collateral tied to it, as opposed to secured debt, which uses property as security for the loan. So, if you choose the latter, you won't have to worry about endangering your asset.
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Will a bank give me a loan with no credit?

By: Gary Secure
Published: 1:44 PM, Sep 8, 2022
Yes, it is still possible to obtain a loan despite having poor or no credit, but lenders will probably charge you a higher interest rate than they would if you had a history of good credit.
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How fast is a secured loan?

By: Gary Secure
Published: 1:38 PM, Sep 8, 2022
A secured loan can take around two to four weeks to complete and it is often funded within a matter of hours or days once approved.
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What is meant by secured loans?

By: Gary Secure
Published: 1:31 PM, Sep 8, 2022
In order to obtain a loan, the borrower must pledge an item, such as a car, house, or equity, as collateral. The value of the collateral is typically used to determine the loan amount made available to the borrower.

Digitization of financial services

By: Gary Secure
Published: 3:49 PM, Apr 20, 2022
For large companies, adapting to the digitization of financial services brings with it changes that can be made while the business is running.

Innovative Business

By: Gary Secure
Published: 3:45 PM, Apr 20, 2022
Innovative Business. A Step Up On a Way to Success

I have been buying gold this week

By: Gary Secure
Published: 8:19 AM, Apr 15, 2022
I have never really liked commodities, but I decided to move some of my cash into gold this week.

Bridging loan demand is heating up in London

By: Gary Secure
Published: 10:06 AM, Apr 13, 2022
With the capital property market moving in the right direction again, property developers are now looking to bridging and short term property finance.

Trudeau plan to ban foreigners from buying property

By: Gary Secure
Published: 3:51 PM, Apr 12, 2022
The Canadian ruling government wants to ban foreigners buying property. Would they be the first of many to follow?

US CPI now at 8.5%

By: Gary Secure
Published: 1:30 PM, Apr 12, 2022
It was meant to be transitory, we must now ask, have we lost control of the economy?